LINQ is Awesome! (In theory anyway…)

Last night, I finally dove in and read up on LINQ. Amazing stuff! Since I haven't actually written anything with it, everything I know is just theory and second-hand. That said, LINQ looks really cool. It's another example of Microsoft making a complex problem into a simple solution. I love how Microsoft looks at a... Continue Reading →

Aha! I finally understand XAML!

In researching MSE's policy support, I had to do some reading on XAML. It finally makes sense. So here's my 10,000 foot view of XAML: XAML (Extensible Application Markup Language) is an XML grammar for instantiating a tree of objects, setting their properties, and stitching them together. Pretty simple, but pretty powerful idea! I can... Continue Reading →

MSE’s extensibility…

At the ArcReady seminar, Chris Madrid discussed the MSE's support for custom policies. This is the extensibility point in MSE for adding your own WCF behaviors into the MSE's runtime. He showed some simple examples like turning off the metadata output of a service. The cool thing is that you can inject any behavior you... Continue Reading →

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