Reference Types vs. Value Types

Remember the C++ pointer stuff that you learned back in school? Messy stuff! Thank goodness for .NET where we don't have to worry about pointers and references, right? Wrong! It's still important to understand what kind of object you're working with. In some cases, your variable is really a pointer. In other cases, the variable... Continue Reading →

Caching – Why, When and How

Caching is a very beneficial practice for improving application performance and efficiency. Conceptually, it is simple. However, there are a number of issues to take into account when caching data. I'd encourage you to read up on caching before you start using it though. As with all things, there are tradeoffs and challenges involved. So,... Continue Reading →

Guidance Packages for VS 2008

Guidance Packages are awesome, but they do have a way of driving me crazy sometimes. They have a new version of the Guidance Automation Extensions, which is basically the runtime or framework that plugs in to VS. The new version was updated to support VS 2005 and VS 2008. The documentation indicates that the installers... Continue Reading →

ESB vs. Event Driven Architecture (EDA)

I've learned about a new design pattern that is conceptually similar to an ESB. It's called an Event Driven Architecture or EDA. I like this term because it describes the pattern that I've been trying to implement here at IMC via our Service Bus implementations. I still think that an ESB is useful, but the... Continue Reading →

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