Windows Live Writer

If you've been writing any blogs (or if you'd like to start), I highly recommend Windows Live Writer. I started using it after I got back from vacation. It makes it really easy to create and edit blogs. It has a spell checker, image support, nice formatting, and (best of all) a larger area for... Continue Reading →

XML Comments!

I've started using the XML commenting feature in VS 2008. It's great!!! I knew that it was there, but I never realized that there was Intellisense support for writing the comments. I figured I have to remember a bunch of XML tags and write it all by hand. Not so. It' super easy to write... Continue Reading →

Silverlight .NET SIG – Independence, OH

I attended the .NET SIG at the Microsoft offices in Independence last night. John Stockton presented Silverlight to the group. He did a very nice job. It was sort of an intro-level discussion of Silverlight with a focus on how Silverlight can consume and connect to various sources of data. Below are my notes from... Continue Reading →

VS 2008 SP1 – ASP.NET Dynamic Data

VS 2008 SP1 has many new features. One of these is ASP.NET Dynamic Data. Scott Hanselman has created a number of really good screencasts that show the basics of Dynamic Data. I watched most of these during lunch today and I am very impressed with the technology. They did some really nice work to make... Continue Reading →

VS 2008 SP1 – ADO.NET Data Services

Here’s a good article that introduces the ADO.NET Data Services features that come with VS 2008 SP1. From what I understand, Data Services is an umbrella for a variety technologies. We’re seeing the first part of this now with SP1. The support includes some server side technologies for making REST based calls for CRUD operations... Continue Reading →

Olympics & Silverlight

I’m a pretty huge fan of the Olympics. I don’t watch much TV, but when it’s time for the Olympics the TV is almost always on. This year, I’m really excited what NBC has done with the online coverage. They’re delivering live and on-demand coverage of a lot of the events. This is great because... Continue Reading →

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