Windows Live Writer

If you've been writing any blogs (or if you'd like to start), I highly recommend Windows Live Writer. I started using it after I got back from vacation. It makes it really easy to create and edit blogs. It has a spell checker, image support, nice formatting, and (best of all) a larger area for... Continue Reading →

XML Comments!

I've started using the XML commenting feature in VS 2008. It's great!!! I knew that it was there, but I never realized that there was Intellisense support for writing the comments. I figured I have to remember a bunch of XML tags and write it all by hand. Not so. It' super easy to write... Continue Reading →

Silverlight .NET SIG – Independence, OH

I attended the .NET SIG at the Microsoft offices in Independence last night. John Stockton presented Silverlight to the group. He did a very nice job. It was sort of an intro-level discussion of Silverlight with a focus on how Silverlight can consume and connect to various sources of data. Below are my notes from... Continue Reading →

VS 2008 SP1 – ASP.NET Dynamic Data

VS 2008 SP1 has many new features. One of these is ASP.NET Dynamic Data. Scott Hanselman has created a number of really good screencasts that show the basics of Dynamic Data. I watched most of these during lunch today and I am very impressed with the technology. They did some really nice work to make... Continue Reading →

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