RockScroll and the best software license ever…

I stumbled on a really nice tool for VS called RockScroll. It’s a replacement scroll bar for .NET code files. It shows a preview of the entire file as the scroll bar. The install is simple and you can easily disable it via the VS Add-ins manager.


One of the really cool features is the automatic “Find in page” feature. You just double click a word and it will show you all the places in the file where that word exists. You can quickly find and see all places where it exists via the scroll bar’s preview where it will be highlighted in red.

There are a couple of caveats…

It doesn’t handle regions, so the scroll bar will be out of sync with your code window if you have collapsed regions. The scroll bar still works, it just doesn’t show its preview with the sections collapsed.

I found that I could work around this by using the outlining keyboard shortcuts:

– [CTL-M + CTL-L] will toggle all outlining. If you have a collapsed region, this will expand everything.

– [CTL-M + CTL-O] will collapse the code to definitions. You’ll end up with function definitions.

The thing that cracked me up was the software license:


“Works on My Machine”…

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