Olympics & Silverlight

I’m a pretty huge fan of the Olympics. I don’t watch much TV, but when it’s time for the Olympics the TV is almost always on.

This year, I’m really excited what NBC has done with the online coverage. They’re delivering live and on-demand coverage of a lot of the events. This is great because many events are on in the middle of the night. This year, I can watch yesterday’s events on demand at my convenience. For example, they made available the entire 6 hour footage of the men’s bicycling road race. (I haven’t watch all of that yet …)

TV coverage has limited numbers of channels so they have to be selective in what events they show. This leaves many events boiled down to highlights. With this year’s online coverage, I can watch the almost any event live online or later on demand. Very nice!

Silverlight is NBC’s choice for streaming media. I’m very impressed. The experience has been very smooth and the quality is great! They even have a feature where you can pick 4 events and watch them all simultaneously. It’s like PIP on steroids. (Not that NBC endorses steroids). I found it pretty cool to watch the men’s road race and then pull the highlights into a “Picture in Picture” window. Then I could swap the windows as needed without loosing my place.

Congrats to NBC and Microsoft for delivering an awesome experience this year!

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