Red-Gate SQL Prompt – Very nice!

Today I got tired of typing long SQL table names, so I figured I’d try Red-Gates’s SQL Prompt add-in for SQL Management Studio. I installed the trial version and in a matter of minutes got my first experience of “Intellisense” for SQL. One word: Awesome! The tool is really nice. It integrates very well into... Continue Reading →

PDC 2008 – Keynote – Day 1

I watched the PDC day 1 keynote today with my fellow coworkers. Below are my (unrefined) notes from the session. Ray Ozzie Why Cloud? Current solutions focused on internal apps Future solutions will assume more external facing solutions Users expect more social networking features embedded in solutions (ranking, reviews, etc) Operations teams and Dev teams... Continue Reading →

Great info on T4 Templates for VS

Oleg Sych has a great set of posts that show how to use the T4 Templating feature that is included in Visual Studio 2008. This is a great technology that makes it really easy to create code generation capabilities inside a project. He goes into the details, but it’s really simple to get started. Add... Continue Reading →

J.D. Meier’s “Insights … for work and life” – Awesome!

J.D. Meier has a ton of great information and advice for improving at work and in life. His “Effectiveness Post Roundup” post gives a nice list, linking to lots of great information. He has information on a variety of topics including: Communication Email Leadership Learning Management Productivity Project Management Teamwork Time Management Awesome!

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