Mountain Biking – My long lost hobby is back!

When I was in high school (out in Colorado), I raced road bikes and did a fair bit of mountain biking. I stopped racing while in college and haven’t done much riding since that time. I love to ride, especially off road, but it wasn’t until recently that I found mountain bike trails here in North East Ohio. The Metro Parks are nice, but riding on pavement is not my cup of tea.

Well I found some single-track trails and I finally got a mountain bike again! My first ride this year was on May 24th at Vulture’s Knob in Wooster.

My long lost hobby is back!

I went mountain biking at trails in Medina this weekend! ( I rode the “old” trail that is off Regan Parkway first. That one is pretty sweet. Lots of twists and turns and technical stuff. Then, I rode over to the “new” trail that is behind the soccer fields in Huffman park. That one is very nice. It’s a bit faster and easier. Lots of fun!

Any time that you want to ride, let me know. If you are up for it, we could try some other trails too (

Findley State Park
This one’s west of Cleveland a bit, but not too far.

West Branch
Near Ravenna. This is a newer trail, but is supposed to be pretty fun.

Vultures Knob
This one’s in Wooster… about 1 hour away. This is the best trail I’ve ever ridden. Tons of fun and lots of great technical stuff! I rode it on May 24th. Awesome!

Ray’s Indoor MTB Park
This fall, I hope to get a membership to Ray’s Inbound Mountain Bike Park. ( The place looks amazing, plus you can ride at night and regardless of the weather.

Before Work?
I’m trying to figure out a way to get in some rides before work. I’m thinking that I might be able to shower and change here at the IMC fitness center, but I need to look into it. Let me know if you have any ideas.

CAMBA ( has a ton of great info and links to the current trail conditions (

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