Updated Guidance Packages – Very cool!

Just a quick note here, but MS has released updates to some of their guidance packages. The updates look very compelling.
It also sounds like the guidance package framework (GAX and GAT) are going to become an integrated part of the next verison of Visual Studio. This is also very good news.
Most of these are hosted on CodePlex, with supporting pages on MSDN.
Very cool! They used the DSL (Domain Specific Language) toolkit to create a visual designer for creating web services. It looks a little like the class designer in VS 2005. 
They also stripped out the data access stuff. This is a good thing since we aren’t using their data access pattern.
They’ve added direct support to customize the guidance package around the organization’s requirements so that we don’t have to jump through so many hoops.

Note: This new version of the guidance package requires an updated version of the GAX and GAT runtimes. I don’t think that our web service guidance package works on these runtimes, so be careful. You might want to play with these in a separate VPC…

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