CSS Layout – I’m sold!

I picked up "Head First Web Site Design" to help me with the "design" portion of a new site. The author walks through a number of great topics, including information architecture, color, layout, and CSS. I have heard about using CSS for layout, rather than HTML tables, but had not fully investigated or used the... Continue Reading →

Fishbowl for Facebook!

I recently started using Fishbowl for Facebook and I love it! I had kind of stopped posting to Facebook, but the features in the new Fishbowl client are renewing my interest. There are many things to love about it, like: Dragging pictures straight into Facebook A much nicer experience when viewing other people’s albums Mini-mode... Continue Reading →

More Success with EntLib…

I get the impression now and then that some developers consider Enterprise Library to be “not an option” for one reason or another. “Too bloated”, “not flexible”, etc…. At my recent .NET SIG presentation on AzMan, I asked who was using EntLib. I was the only one to raise my hand. Personally, I think that... Continue Reading →

CruiseControl.NET rocks!

I just had my first experience with CruiseControl.NET. I have to say that I was very impressed! The setup was relatively simple, and the features are pretty sweet! The dashboard and the CCTray utility are great! Configuring the project to build and deploy to the DEV servers took about 8 hours from start to finish,... Continue Reading →

Diff for Unit Tests

I recently worked on some unit tests where I wanted to verify that data was round-tripping properly. To help with this, I put together a little function that does something similar to WinDiff, but within my unit test code. It takes two input strings and does a character-by-character comparison. If it finds a difference, then... Continue Reading →

.NET SIG Presentation – AzMan

I recently gave a presentation at the Bennett Adelson .NET SIG in Cleveland. We covered the basics of Windows Authorization Manager, what's new, and walked through a non-trivial demo that showed a variety of ways to use the technology. Slides and demo code are available on the Past Events page of the Bennett Adelson web... Continue Reading →

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