Hello Windows 7!

I just got Windows 7 on my work laptop! Love it so far. I’ll share my experiences as I go.

My initial take:

  • Task bar – Very nice.
    I really like the improved previews when you hover over an item. The “grouped” programs feature is pretty nice too. I was not a fan of the XP or Vista behavior. Win 7’s implementation is sweet. I really like that it does a “live preview” of the window that you’re hovering and brings it to the front.
  • New system tray – Nice.
    Icons are muted a bit so that they are less distracting. The “show desktop” in the bottom left is pretty nice to.
  • Large Fonts – Not sure yet…
    My machine has a pretty high resolution display (1680 x 1050). Win 7 defaulted the fonts to use “medium” fonts, instead of small fonts. This is nice because things are not so tiny, but it has to resize some of the images here an there. Also, not all applications have good support for “larger fonts”, so the windows can have an odd layout in some cases. I like that Win 7 is supporting large fonts and hi-res displays better. I think it’s just a matter of time for apps to start handling this more gracefully.
  • Startup – Pretty fast…
    Startup is supposed to be better in Win 7. Seven seconds, right? So far it seems to be pretty good, but not lightning fast. I think I’m still seeing some of the “applying changes during setup” stuff slowing me down. Time will tell.
  • Windows Explorer – A little different…
    Explorer is a little different now. It has the libraries and such, which I knew about. The thing that threw me off was the fact that the folders on the left don’t auto-expand to the current folder. I like tree views and seeing where I am in context, so I went to the settings and turned this back on.

Overall, I love it so far!


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