Win7: Large Fonts a Little Rough…

Previously, I posted:

Large Fonts – Not sure yet…
My machine has a pretty high resolution display (1680 x 1050). Win 7 defaulted the fonts to use “medium” fonts, instead of small fonts. This is nice because things are not so tiny, but it has to resize some of the images here an there. Also, not all applications have good support for “larger fonts”, so the windows can have an odd layout in some cases. I like that Win 7 is supporting large fonts and hi-res displays better. I think it’s just a matter of time for apps to start handling this more gracefully.

So, I like the fact that it makes my fonts readable on a high-res monitor, but I have noticed that many apps don’t work quite right. This shows up on web sites, Seesmic’s intro screens, etc. It also makes a number of items slightly blurry since windows has to re-size bitmap images.

I think that “large font” support will improve over time, but for the next couple days, I’ll switch to the default size and see how that goes.


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