Faster Builds from Visual Studio

Just a quick note on something that helped me get my solutions builds to run faster as I develop. First off, I’ll admit that “Faster Builds” is a bit of a stretch. I’m not actually making VS compile faster. Rather, I’m reducing the amount of time I waste waiting for a build to complete. Time... Continue Reading →

WPF Routed Commands + MVVM

A lot of the MVVM guidance around commands suggest using a generic ICommand implementation, such as the RelayCommand or GenericCommand implementations. These are great for UI pieces that are bound directly to an underlying ViewModel and I use them frequently. There are still cases where a RoutedUICommand is exactly what one needs. Take, for instance,... Continue Reading →

Stuff hitting my “Radar”

I recently started listening to the Herding Code podcast and BoagWorld podcast and have subsequently been exposed to some really interesting “stuff”. I thought I’d put these down, if for no other reason than helping me remember to try them out. JSConf Javascript is getting a lot of attention and investment lately. This is both... Continue Reading →

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