Stop the Mediocrity…

Art & Copy” just shattered my status-quo. While the film is essentially a documentary about the top advertising firms, I found it overflowing with inspiring and challenging ideas from the best in the field of advertising.

The men and women from these firms are brilliant. They literally defined some of the culture that we all take for granted. While diverse in background and approach, each has the task of connecting to their audience, usually with the goal of affecting change or action. Each uses different styles and comes with a different perspective.

And yet, they share common traits…

– In thought, in design, in life.

– To try new things, to explore, to think outside the box, to challenge the status-quo and even their clients.

– For their medium, for their client’s medium, for society as a whole.

The passion, courage, and excellence demonstrated by these men and women inspires me. It inspires me to stand up and look around my world a bit more. To notice and appreciate excellence. To have the courage to try new things, explore new technologies. To question “the man”. To appreciate and value the people around me.

I’m not one for tattoos, but sometimes I think I should tattoo some of these values on my forehead. Then I’ll see them ever morning in the mirror and just might have a chance of living with these levels of courage, passion, and the pursuit of excellence. For now, I’ll just tattoo them on my blog and use that as my mirror for some core values and lessons learned.


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