Do you know about Sebastien Lambla? You Should!

Just listened to Herding Code #103 with Sebastian Lambla on the way into work. Really wishing today was a holiday because I just learned about a TON of really cool stuff to explore and try!

Sebastien Lambla is driving a number of game-changing projects including:

  • OpenRasta 
    • A framework that enables creation of RESTful services and sites. Can be used to create simple REST services, or full sites. Very rich, highly composable, and extensible.
  • OpenWrap
    • Know of NuGet? OpenWrap was out there first, and has a bunch of capabilities above and beyond what NuGet can do.
  • OWin
    • Serves as a standardized layer between .NET web servers and the frameworks that run on them.

Sebastien has a lot of strong opinions on things ranging from REST to HTTP to ASP.NET, OData, and more. Some opinionated people are just opinionated, but Sebastien speaks with skill and balance. Listening to his discussion of the topics show that he has done a lot of reading, research, coding and investigation to arrive at his positions. His comments shed light on the diversity of approaches out there, making me very interested to learn about the alternatives to the Microsoft bubble.

You owe it to yourself to give a listen to Sebastien and his approaches. Herding Code is almost always great, but this was one of the best.

Twitter: @SerialSeb
Blog: (Oct 2010 – Now)
Blog: (Prior to Oct 2010)


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