Monitored Undo Published to NuGet

In the words of James Brown…. I feel good!

Why? Because today, I updated Monitored Undo Framework (MUF) and published it to the NuGet feed! Now I feel legit and official.

I really like NuGet for a number of reasons… Convenience, time savings, and more. But one of the best things about it is just browsing the catalog! I found some really cool stuff in there that I wouldn’t have otherwise stumbled on.

Sure, one can Google with Bing or search codeplex or GitHub, or whatever. But if you find something in NuGet, it sort of indicates that the library has a certain amount of completeness to it. You can also see how many times it’s been pulled down into a project for use or prototyping. All good!

MUF is a library that I wrote to help me implement undo / redo in my WPF application. It worked really well for me, so I wanted to share the goodness. It’s been on Codeplex for a bit now, but I felt that getting it into NuGet was important to increase visibility and adoption.

If you want to get Undo rocking in your application, please give MUF a look. It’s pretty simple to use. There’s decent documentation included in the NuGet package and on the Codeplex site. I’ve also incorporated it into a WPF sample app, which I presented at the Cleveland .NET SIG a while back.

The latest version includes support for:

  • .NET 4.0
  • .NET 3.5
  • Silverlight 4.0
  • Windows Phone 7

Happy Undoing!


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