"tfpt unshelve /migrate" Doesn’t Account for Renames

A quick note about Team Foundation Power Tools (TFPT)’s “Unshelve” command…

tfpt unshelve has a /MIGRATE switch that will allow unshelving changes into a different branch / location than the one where they were originally shelved. I won’t re-iterate the many articles describing how to use this command.

One issue that I ran into is unshelving a set of changes into a branch where some of the shelved files had been renamed / moved. It seems that the /migrate switch doesn’t go back into TFS version history to locate the renames. Instead, it simply pulls out the changes and re-applies them to the new location.

For Example:

Let’s say that I start with Branch A. One user (John Doe) get’s latest and starts making changes.

Branch A

Then… a different user (Jane Smith) renames File1.txt and checks that in.

Branch A

Then… (for some reason), they need to move John’s changes from Branch A to another branch. (Let’s pretend that Branch A is the main branch, but the changes are too large for this iteration, so they want to move them to a separate branch for a future release.) So they create Branch B, which looks like this:

Branch B

Then… John shelves his changes and they attempt to use tfpt unshelve /migrate to move the changes to Branch B.

But a strange thing happens. They end up with this:

Branch B

Huh? How’d that happen?

Someone who knows version control well could probably explain why, and suggest that this is obvious. But it wasn’t to me, and as a result, some of the changes in the shelveset did not make it into the target solution.

How I should have done it…

If I was going to do this again, I think I’d:

  1. Get the source and the target branches to the same version. (Merge changes as needed between the branches.)
  2. In the source branch, get latest version so that the local workspace has the latest version.
    1. This should propagate any pending renames / moves that were made in that source branch, or it’s parent branches.
  3. Shelve the changes that should be moved.
  4. In the target branch, get latest version.
  5. Run tfpt unshelve /migrate …



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