Standing to Code

Today I tried a Standing Desk for the day. I’ve heard about this a number of times, mostly on Twitter. The idea’s not new, but it is gaining attention due to the health concerns around so much sitting.

I started standing at 7am. It’s currently 3pm, and I’m still standing here. So far so good. My muscles are a little tired, but my mind feels more awake than most other days!

Another thing I’m noticing is that it’s a lot easier to switch gears. If I need to step over for a cup of coffee, I’m already standing. No big deal. And getting back to coding is just as easy. Just walk up and get to it. No need to try and find that comfortable position in the chair, scoot it up to the desk, etc.

As for my desk… Well, it’s the same desk I usually use… plus some boxes and a board to elevate my laptop to standing height.

Cost = $0. Adding years to my life and energy to my day… priceless.

(I’ll report back soon to let you know how things are going after a week of standing)


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