Healthy Debate on “Software Craftsmanship” and Elitism

A good debate between Ted Neward and Uncle Bob Martin regarding “Software Craftsmanship”.

I find the debate to be very worth the (long) read.
– Ted points out that we need to not be Elitist and egotistical about our approach and skills. Amen.
– Bob’s goal is to institute some principles that help the industry mature; that help us all improve.

Ted’s Original Article:
“On The Dark Side Of Craftsmanship”

Bob’s Response:
The Craftsman And The Laborer

Ted’s Reply:
More On Craftsmanship

Bob’s Reply:
The Humble Craftsman

Ted’s Final thoguhts:
Last Thoughts On Craftsmanship

Bob’s clarification of Craftsmanship (not a direct reply, but related):
The Principles Of Craftsmanship

Can we find a way to move things forward without thumping our own chest and putting others down? Can we improve ourselves and find pride in our work without being too inwardly focused? Are we able to “Git’r done” with some “low quality code” if that’s what the client really needs? I think so, but it takes awareness of the issues and the world around us. It requires that we pull out heads out of the code sand to see what’s appropriate for the task at hand.

GK Chesterton loved paradox. I think that is fitting here. We are best when we can simultaneously embrace both, seemingly opposing sides… when we can embrace a seeming paradox. We find balance, not by watering either side down, but by letting both positions flourish.

In the end, I appreciate the above debate because it forced some skeletons out of the closet. And as the last response from Bob shows, it forced some clarification and specificity around this “hot new thing” called the Craftsmanship movement.

Thanks Ted and Bob!


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