Trouble for the Mono team and projects…

EDIT: May 9, 2011 The latest I've heard is that the original layoff reports may have been a bit speculative. There has been nothing from the Mono team yet (that I've seen) to confirm or deny any layoffs. The little that has been said is that any existing product roadmaps will stay in place. I... Continue Reading →

My Beef with the Apple Cult

So, I'm trying to figure out what makes my insides churn when I hear people talk about Apple and it's products. You know Apple, the company that makes the products starting with "i"… iPod, iPhone, iPad, and the rumored iRock. Let me start by saying that I admire Apple and what they've achieved. I am... Continue Reading →

My CodeMash 2011 Recap

CodeMash 2011 was great!! I really enjoyed the talks, the venue, the food, and the chance to meet up with friends. So, in an effort to remember everything, I'm recapping things on my blog. This is not exhaustive, nor is it all that polished. It's kind of a high level summary with links to resources... Continue Reading →

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