I <3 Windows Home Server

In speaking with a colleague today, I realized that I had not blogged about Windows Home Server. So, here is my much belated post…. The problem… About a year ago, I decided that I was tired of the hassle and headache of personal data backup. I have pictures, videos, music, documents, etc. Copying this to... Continue Reading →

V.Next of my career

My last day at InfoCision was Friday. It is strange leaving behind seven years of my life. I gained friendships with some great people. I learned a lot from the people, projects and positions along the way. I sincerely hope to keep these friendships for a long time to come. To my InfoCision colleagues... Thank... Continue Reading →


Thanks for stopping by my blog! Glad you're here! I hope to share my experiences, lessons, and ideas on the important parts of my life... Family Software Development, Architecture and Engineering Cub Scouts Cycling

Windows Live Writer

If you've been writing any blogs (or if you'd like to start), I highly recommend Windows Live Writer. I started using it after I got back from vacation. It makes it really easy to create and edit blogs. It has a spell checker, image support, nice formatting, and (best of all) a larger area for... Continue Reading →

My new favorite movie – Speed Racer

Yesterday was my 30th birthday, so the whole family went to a movie. Being the birthday boy, I got to pick the movie: Speed Racer. It was Awesome! The movie was made by the Wachowski brothers (also responsible for the Matrix trilogy). The movie was a lot of fun. Very fast, sweet cars, and sweet... Continue Reading →

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