Twisten – Listen to Twitter What is Twisten? Twisten is a twitter client that lets you listen to your twitter feed via Text-to-Speech using the built-in speech features of Windows. Why use It? Listen to twitter in the "background" while you do other stuff! The benefit of listening in the background is that you don't have to completely shift... Continue Reading →

VS 2010 Premium RTM – Got It!

After a couple hiccups with the download yesterday, I finally got the bits and got VS 2010 Premium installed. Great stuff! I’m glad to be running this on the host again, rather than a VM. I can take advantage of multi-monitor, GPU acceleration, and better speed! Hotness! My current project is using TFS Power Tools... Continue Reading →

Win7: Large Fonts a Little Rough…

Previously, I posted: Large Fonts – Not sure yet… My machine has a pretty high resolution display (1680 x 1050). Win 7 defaulted the fonts to use “medium” fonts, instead of small fonts. This is nice because things are not so tiny, but it has to resize some of the images here an there. Also,... Continue Reading →

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