Win7: Large Fonts a Little Rough…

Previously, I posted: Large Fonts – Not sure yet… My machine has a pretty high resolution display (1680 x 1050). Win 7 defaulted the fonts to use “medium” fonts, instead of small fonts. This is nice because things are not so tiny, but it has to resize some of the images here an there. Also,... Continue Reading →

Fishbowl for Facebook!

I recently started using Fishbowl for Facebook and I love it! I had kind of stopped posting to Facebook, but the features in the new Fishbowl client are renewing my interest. There are many things to love about it, like: Dragging pictures straight into Facebook A much nicer experience when viewing other people’s albums Mini-mode... Continue Reading →

More Success with EntLib…

I get the impression now and then that some developers consider Enterprise Library to be “not an option” for one reason or another. “Too bloated”, “not flexible”, etc…. At my recent .NET SIG presentation on AzMan, I asked who was using EntLib. I was the only one to raise my hand. Personally, I think that... Continue Reading →

CruiseControl.NET rocks!

I just had my first experience with CruiseControl.NET. I have to say that I was very impressed! The setup was relatively simple, and the features are pretty sweet! The dashboard and the CCTray utility are great! Configuring the project to build and deploy to the DEV servers took about 8 hours from start to finish,... Continue Reading →

Less code, better results…

It’s a nice feeling when things work out the way you planned and designed! Today I reviewed a newly deployed WCF based credit card service with my manager. Our design included the use of some existing building blocks to speed implementation and take advantage of best practices. The building blocks included Enterprise Library 4.1 and... Continue Reading →

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